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Getting students to read anything longer than an Instagram caption has become increasingly difficult. Who can blame the students when their textbooks read like a boring litany of facts and dates?

It’s no wonder reading skills are at an all-time low. Only one out of four of middle school students are proficient in American history and many perceive history and literature as “irrelevant.”

Midgard Education Publishing is changing that. We feel it is essential for young people to understand the past in order to succeed in the future. Being a good citizen means being an informed citizen, aware of the complex historical and cultural context that forms the basis of our society.

Our mission is to engage students with compelling content that encourages critical thinking skills and inquiry-based learning. Our social studies books—combined with the project-based lessons in our Teacher’s Guides as well as our full-year curriculum programs—hook students with accessible and inclusive storytelling that reaches students where they are—whether English Language Learners or native speakers.

We know we can reverse low reading scores and the perception that history is “irrelevant” by giving kids books worth reading and stories they can relate to.

It is urgent that we reach middle school students before they lose the ability to read with depth and complexity. Our books are vital tools that help students develop 21st century critical thinking and communication skills.

Our secret is simple: Midgard is putting the story back into history.

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Midgard Acclaim

I was able to give the books a nice trial run last school year during remote learning and they honestly LOVED it! We were using TCI textbooks before, and I was making them outline the chapters old school style for homework. The morale, student engagement, and understanding for the units increased so much when I made the change!

Lauren Pinkerton

Chabad Academy

Brilliant, compassionate, and engaging, Stuart Matranga presents history through the eyes of diverse populations — the under- represented and the power holders — and invests students with the agency to create new perspectives.

Cynthia Cornell Novak, Ph.D

Pepperdine University, Emeritus

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