Back to School: Five Quick Tips for Your Teacher’s Toolbox

August 23, 2019

Welcome Back to School! Here are a few highlights from our growing library of blogs, shortcuts to some helpful hints to make this a successful, fun, and effective school year.

1. The most effective way for you to reach your students is to know them. Here’s how to discover what kind of learners your students are and how best to teach them.
Learning Strengths and Personality Types: Who Are You?

2. A great assignment to start off the year is 100 Questions. Students study themselves and, importantly, learn how to ask questions that lead to the best answers—and more questions.
What’s the Question?

3. The year can seem daunting until you start from the end and work backwards. Backward planning has been proven to be an effective way to organize your curriculum.
Drawkcab Planning

4. In this fun, long-term project students practice failing and learning how to overcome temporary defeat to achieve the greater goal of persistence and resilience.
Kobayashi Maru

5. The biggest threat to health and success is stress. Here are a few ways to take the pressure off from school and make learning fun and therefore more impactful.
Three Ways to Assess Without Test Stress

We’re here to listen too. If you have any ideas that you’d like to share with us and with other teachers, administrators, parents, and students, please let us know at:
[email protected]

The bell is about to ring—have a great school year!

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