The Best of 2020: Resolutions, Predictions, and Apprehensions for the Coming Year

December 27, 2019

First of all, let’s make a resolution not to hate on each other during this inevitably divisive presidential election year. It has become fashionable to be partisan and to claim that the “other side” does not have an equal say and should not be treated respectfully or even listened to at all. Nothing could be further from the ideals of the American experiment. Historically, we have lived through much disparity and inequity, but that doesn’t mean we have to continue that way and make civil discourse worse than it already is. A pluralistic society means listening to people whose views you despise and for whom you have no patience. That’s called democracy. It’s why the founders were so nervous about democracy—it “normalizes” the opposition. It doesn’t mean you have to agree. We have the power of voting; let’s use it to speak our minds. It’s more powerful than shouting.

Here’s what we predict (hope, wish, pray) for 2020:

1. More women in government. This might do more than any legislation to change the course of history. Women and men working together will by definition create a more equitable society.

2. Green is Great. It is not too late to stop the most harmful effects of global warming, and the United States will lead the rest of the world in creating new technologies and policies that slow down and reverse what will otherwise be an extinction-level event

3. “Belt and Road.” China’s massive construction initiative will connect eastern Asia with western Europe through a series of roads and train tracks that will dip into Northern Africa, as well, even all of Africa, making the entire Eastern Hemisphere one contiguous economic zone.

4. Let’s go to Mars! The United States will partner with Tesla and SpaceX to initiate a manned Mars expedition with the goal of creating colonies and possibly terraforming the planet.

5. All your resolutions will come true. You will be healthier, smarter, kinder, and, of course, prettier. The greatest part about the future is that it hasn’t happened yet, so anything is possible.

Bonus Prediction: Midgard Education Publishing will supply middle school classes across the country with our innovative, informative, and inspiring books.

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