First Person American
education First Person American With more and more middle schools putting emphasis on student research for inquiry-based projects, we realized that a book was needed that would compile great primary sources together in an anthology that made sense for young readers. We wanted to curate a collection of first person documents so that students would get used to experiencing history “as it happened.” continue reading July 21, 2019
education Taming the Tiger Mom After a recent blog post about inclusivity in the classroom, I heard from a parent who suggested I explore the prejudice against Asians. “Everyone assumes we all get straight A’s all the time,” she said. In fact, that bias can be destructive as a recent case of discrimination attests. Several Asian-American students sued Harvard University after getting rejected for admission, they claimed, because they were held to a higher standard than other applicants. continue reading July 4, 2019
Taming the Tiger Mom
Including You
diversity Including You In a recent controversy, one of the nation’s biggest textbook publishers, McGraw-Hill, had to amend a hundred thousand books because of incorrect description of African slaves in the U.S. as “agricultural workers.” Beyond editorial oversight, this reveals a bias towards Euro-American perspectives. continue reading May 4, 2019
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